Specialty Classes

CHILDREN (ages 2 – 5)

  • Twinkle Babies Ballet ~ for Age 2 – 30 minutes of creative ballet movement. Working with gross motor skills and the beginning of ballet movements and memory
  • Hippity Hop for ages 5 thru 2nd grade ~ This class introduces basic hip hop movement at a very elementary level, and features age appropriate music. Dancers will learn cool new moves and a fun combination while enjoying social interaction and team work.
  • Twinkle Stars Ballet/Tap for ages 3 & 4 – an introduction to ballet and tap for preschoolers with renowned Twinkle Stars dance program

Pointe I / Beginning/ Continuing Pointe ~ for those who have been on pointe for at least one year or just recently started Pointe. (Pointe dancer required to be enrolled in ballet class at DWS

  • Pointe II ~ Intermediate/Advanced Pointe is for those dancers who have been on Pointe for the past 2 – 3 years (Pointe dancer required to be enrolled in ballet class at DWS)
  • Demi-Pointe designed for those age 11 and older, who want to prepare to be on Pointe! For those students who have had at least 3 years of ballet and 11years old (all Pointe classes require student enrolled in ballet class at DWS)
  • Tap Tech – Sounds, speed, technique, and more – it’s ALL TAP and no performance – for levels III plus.
  • ALL STAR POMDANCE – 2 divisions – (Age 10 through HS), with Annie Pinta offers training in pom technique and the elements of dance used in pom. It’s a great head start for those students looking to audition for high school dance teams. Classes include a warm-up, stretching, turn, leap and jump technique, fun pom routines, and learn to work and dance as a team.
  • Musical Theater I/II (5th- 8th grade) & Musical Theater 14-Adults – act, sing, dance, discover various acting/singing styles & musical theater dance/choreography, and more!


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