Specialty Classes


CHILDREN (ages 2 – 5)

Twinkle Babies Ballet ~ for Age 2 – 30 minutes of creative ballet movement. Working with                      gross motor skills and the beginning of ballet movements and memory
Hippity Hop for ages 4 & 5 This class introduces basic hip hop movement at a very                                elementary level, and features age appropriate music. Dancers will learn cool new moves                 and a fun combination while enjoying social interaction and team work.
Twinkle Stars Ballet/Tap for ages 3 & 4 – an introduction to ballet and tap for preschoolers
Twinkle Stars Ballet/Tap/Jazz combo – for ages 5 ~ a program consisting of ballet, tap, and                  jazz


Pointe I / Beginning/ Continuing Pointe ~ for those who have been on pointe for at least                      one  year or just recently started Pointe. (Pointe dancer required to be enrolled in summer                   session ballet class at DWS)
Pointe II ~ Intermediate/Advanced Pointe is for those dancers who have been on Pointe for              the past 2 – 3 years (Pointe dancer required to be enrolled in summer session ballet class at                 DWS)
Demi-Pointe designed for those age 11 and older, who want to prepare to be on Pointe! For              those students who have had at least 3 years of ballet and 11years old (all Pointe classes                     require student enrolled in summer session ballet class at DWS)
HipHop~ ADULTS ONLY.. (age 20 +) HipHop fun with Adults 20 + older and meet new friends!

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