Dance Shoes & Attire

D   A   N   C   E    &    S   H   O   E     A   T   T   I   R   E

Jeans, street clothes, pajama type pants, baggy shirts, gym shoes or outer clothing NOT ALLOWED. Proper dance shoes must be worn on dance floors (dancing in stocking feet is strictly prohibited). NO Jewelry; leave at home.  Gum, food, and/or drinks are not allowed in the studios.   (Students may also be required to buy other type leotards and/or dance shoes as part of their costume accessories.) (At instructor discretion, students may wear sweatshirts/dance sweaters for class warm-up only).

EVERY FEMALE STUDENT, 1ST GRADE AND OLDER, MUST own & wear a BLACK LEOTARD (Tank or camisole) as part of their dress attire FOR all classes EXCEPT ballet (which requires certain colored leotards). Students may be REQUIRED to buy other leotards for costume(s).

►TWINKLE STARS – (Twinkle Babies, Pre (ages 3), Twinkle ages 4 and 5 (and
Kindergarten)   Pink Twinkle Star leotard with stitched skirt and Sparkle The Bear (ensemble) (order thru studio),  light pink tights; pink ballet shoes (and black patent leather tap shoes for combo class); PLEASE NOTE that dresses, skirts and tutus (unless attached and part of leotard – Twinkle) are not allowed in preschool dance classes and hair must always be pinned back and up.

 Boys wear black jazz pants and white t-shirts; black ballet shoes.  (Boys & girls also need black patent leather tap shoes). Boys in Twinkle Stars – need Tuxedo Bob Bear (thru studio)

(*Twinkle Stars classes are noted above.)

*Ballet I, IIA, IIB =
Light Blue Leotard (thru studio), tank type, pink tights (footed), full sole pink ballet shoes.

*Ballet III, IV, V & Beginning Ballet (5th – 7th Grade) =
Lavender Leo (thru studio), tank or camisole, pink tights (footed or convertible), pink ballet shoes (either split sole or full sole – canvas or leather).

*Beginning Ballet (teen/adult) Continuing, Cont/Interm, Interm/Advanced, Advanced =
Burgundy Leo (thru studio), tank or camisole, pink tights (footed or convertible), pink ballet shoes (either split sole or full sole – canvas or leather).

*Pointe Classes
(dancer to wear designated Ballet Class Leotard).  *All ballet classes = hair must always be pinned back and up.
*Boys/Men wear black jazz pants, white t-shirts and black ballet shoes.

► TAP ~ (except if coming from or going to a ballet class) – Black leotard, black jazz pants; plain t-shirt or performance t-shirt, black tap shoes – patent leather for Intro through 4th grade levels – black tap leather oxfords 5th grade and older (jazz/tap type or FullSole)   Dance shorts (spandex only) are acceptable if worn over leotards/tights; hair must be pinned back or ponytail.  .Men/Boys wear black jazz pants and t-shirts, black tap oxfords (for 5th grade and older).

 ► JAZZ/LYRICAL ~ Black leotard, black jazz pants; black jazz shoes (no jazz sneakers) are required. Hair must be pinned back or in ponytail. Men/Boys wear black jazz pants and white t-shirts, black jazz shoes. For upper level Jazz (Intermediate + above) & Lyrical, black spandex shorts (no color banding) acceptable as long as dancer wears tights and black leotards; CROP TOPS and loose fitting shorts not acceptable.  For upper level Jazz classes, half-ballet shoes optional (can be ordered through studio).

 ► CONTEMPORARY MODERN: Black leotards, footless Capri suntan tights (and BLACK spandex dance shorts at student discretion) ~ No shoes; hair must always be in bun

► POMDANCE ~   Black leotard, Black Jazz Pants, T-shirt, and Black Jazz shoes (Jazz Sneakers may be required)

► HIP-HOP ~  Black leotards, black jazz pants or black Cargo Pants (may be purchased at studio); black jazz dance sneaker shoes and t-shirt. Hair must be pinned back or in ponytail.  Men/Boys wear black jazz pants, black jazz sneaker shoes and t-shirts.

 ► MUSICAL THEATER ~  jazz attire is required.



BALLET = leotard black or color of level, tights, ballet shoes

TAP = black jazz pants & tap shoes

TAP/JAZZ = black jazz pants & tap shoes & jazz shoes

JAZZ = black jazz pants & leotard & jazz shoes

HIP HOP= jazz attire (including leotard) or loose fitting clothes with jazz sneakers (Hippity Hop jazz pants & leotard & jazz shoes)

TWINKLE COMBO BALLET/TAP (preschool) ballet attire plus tap shoes (kindergarten add jazz shoes or use ballet shoes). Sparkle Bear

TWINKLE TOTS – twinkle ballet attire – pink leotard, pink ballet shoes, pink tights, and Sparkle Bear

MODERN = Black leotard, footless suntan tights

(spandex dance shorts @student discretion) ~ No shoes;

Poms=black jazz sneakers or jazz shoes, jazz pants, leotard, t-shirt

Musical Theater = jazz pants, tshirt, jazz

IRISH DANCE ~ shorts, t-shirt (plain color), ballet shoes or Irish Soft shoes